Asset Recovery: How It Works

Asset Recovery: How Does It Work?

The Asset Recovery process is a high reward, low impact investment for your company. The time involved is minimal and the benefits extend well beyond the tangible.

Step 1: Get In Touch with SSD:

In order to work with you in an asset recovery process, SSD needs to know what you're working with as well as your circumstances and expectations. Follow the link below to send your information to SSD:

Fill out an Asset Removal Inquiry now and an SSD rep will contact you shortly to discuss options.

Step 2: Speak with an SSD Consultant:

Once you fill out the Asset Recovery Form, an SSD consultant will reach out to you to discuss all relevant details and options available to you.

Step 3: Understand the Technology Lifecycle and the Options Available To You:

Understanding the Used SAN Storage Product Lifecycle

To understand more about how the used and refurbished technology lifecycle works for SAN Storage gear, follow this link to view SSD's Technology Lifecycle Page.

Step 4: Determine the Suitable Solution for your Asset Recovery:

In working with an SSD consultant, you will be presented multiple options. Traditionally, the best route is to settle on a purchase price and sell your gear directly to SSD for reconditioning. However, as each situation is unique, it may be more suitable for you to pursue other avenues such as repurposing the gear for use as a Test-Dev environment, Disaster Recovery, or even to have the drives shredded for proper disposal of confidential information. Whichever route fits, our consultants are here every step of the way to lead you in the right direction.