Asset Recovery: Equipment Recycling

What is Equipment Recycling?

Equipment Recycling is a general term that refers to prologing the lifespan of IT gear through reconditioning and repurposing for use within your IT Infrastructure or elsewhere. Essentially, this term encompasses any method in which a prolonged lifespan is attained.

What Equipment Recycling Options Exist??

In considering equipment recycling, there many avenues one can take. The key point to consider is the ultimate and underlying needs of your business. Do you have an SLA with your customers or are you in a regulated industry that requires all hardware used to store confidential information to be permanently dismantled and disposed of? Do you need a boost in your budget to fuel new projects? Are you interested in a secondary system repurposed for DR, or maybe Test-Dev? These are an example of questions to consider when looking into equipment recycling.

Options Available

  • Sell your gear to SANStorageDirect
  • Trade your gear for new systems or upgrades
  • Trade your gear for an SSD credit towards a new system or upgrade
  • Safely and securely dispose of protected information via SSD's disposal service
  • Collaborate with SSD on ways to repurpose old gear
    • Disaster Recovery System
    • Test-Dev Environment
    • Data Archiving Environment
    • Real Time Replication
    • Virtualization Environment

    What are the Benefits of Equipment Recycling?

  • Raise money for future projects
  • Quickly and easily remove equipment from your data center
  • Dispose of equipment in a manner appropriate to your SLA and/or regulations
  • Repurpose for internal use, saving a huge chunk of your budget and accomplishing more
  • Prolonging the lifespan of your equipment, allowing the use of the gear towards something productive rather than going to waste
  • Green friendly approach: recycling your equipment keeps it from being improperly disposed of, creating an environmental hazard
  • Understanding the Used SAN Storage Product Lifecycle

    To understand more about how the used and refurbished technology lifecycle works for SAN Storage gear, follow this link to view SSD's Technology Lifecycle Page.

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