Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery: Greener, More Efficient, Why Not?

There is no question that at some point in time your Data Center will experience a refresh, leaving older and end of life equipment in the dark. You have many options of what to do with this equipment, ranging from nothing at all, selling it, or paying a company to dispose of it.

In these situations, turn to SanStorageDirect to assist. We have the abilities to carry out IT Hardware removal in every form; whether you'd like to dispose of it in an Eco-Friendly manner, completely Destroy the Data, or Liquidate the HW for Fair Market Value.

What Are Your Options with SSD?

  • Sell your HW directly to SSD
  • Trade your HW for new systems or upgrades
  • Trade your HW in for an SSD HW credit
  • Safely and securely dispose of protected information via SSD's disposal service
  • Collaborate with SSD on ways to repurpose old HW

  • Fill out an Asset Removal Inquiry now and an SSD rep will contact you shortly to discuss options.