NexSan Storage Platforms


NexSan Storage Platforms


Nexsan's industry-leading SAN storage systems, the foundation of the Flexible Storage Platform™, contain anywhere between 14 and 60 drives and can be expanded with an additional expansion unit. Drives benefit from Nexsan’s Anti-vibration Design™, Cool Drive Technology™ and Active Drawer Technology™. All Storage Systems can be configured with dual active/active controllers with battery-backed cache for high throughput and no-single-point-of-failure architecture through the Fibre Channel and/or iSCSI host access ports for block services, or via LAN for file services.

Nexsan E-Series San Storage System

Nexsan E-SERIES Systems

Nexsan's E-Series delivers the highest performance, the ultimate in high density storage, unsurpassed power savings, and enterprise-class reliability that is easy to manage.

Nexsan E18

The Nexsan E18 storage system delivers enterprise-class, high density, high performance SATA/SAS/SSD storage that is ideal for transactional applications and virtualized environments as well as capacity driven applications. Included are Fibre Channel and iSCSI host-side ports, as well as an Ethernet port for Web-based administration.

Nexsan E60

The Nexsan E60 storage system delivers enterprise-class, ultimate density, high performance SATA/SAS/SSD storage that is ideal for backup to disk or bulk data storage. Included are Fibre Channel and iSCSI host-side ports, as well as an Ethernet port for Web-based administration.

Nexsan E60X

The E60X is Nexsan's latest high-capacity expansion chassis, uniquely offering 60 drive bays in only 4U of rack space to deliver the most storage capacity in the smallest footprint.

Nexsan Beast San Storage System

BEAST Systems

Nexsan's Beast storage systems have been designed to deliver industry-leading storage density, power savings, and enterprise-class reliability that is easy to manage.


High density, expandable, FC and iSCSI storage system with 84TB offered in just 4U of rack space. That's 10.5 drives per U! The 4U expansion chassis can add up to 120TB in just 4U of rack space, for a total of 204TB in just 8U.


SATABeast Xi is a high-capacity, high-density storage system that has been optimized specifically for storage applications that run predominantly in Apple Xserve and Mac Pro systems.


High density, expandable FC and iSCSI storage system features 25.2TB of SAS drives in just 4U of rack space, with the option to add up to 36TB in the optional expansion chassis. SASBeast is ideal for applications that demand high I/O per second performance.

Nexsan Boy San Storage System

BOY Systems

Nexsan's Boy line of high-density storage systems is ideal for cost-sensitive applications.


Dense, fixed capacity, FC and iSCSI storage system with 28TB offered in just 3U of rack space. SATABoy is ideal for applications where cost-effective high capacity is paramount.


SASBoy storage system has 14 high-performance SAS drives that make it ideal for cost-effective transactional applications that demand high I/O per second.

Nexsan iSeries San Storage System


The Nexsan iSeries is a complete iSCSI SAN storage system that can scale up to hundreds of TBs, making it ideal for consolidating multiple servers and →

Nexsan DataBeast San Storage System


DATABeast is a complete Fibre Channel SAN solution that can scale from a few terabytes to several petabytes, and provides all the storage services required to manage and protect data.

Storage Products and Philosophy

SanStorageDirect offers practically all major manufacturers of Storage/SAN HW, from full systems to capacity upgrades and minor components. Our commitment to excellence, service, and the belief that business flourishes in trust and strong partnerships will generate a long lasting relationship. Partner with SSD for your SAN Storage needs and add another weapon to your business's arsenal. If you are in search of something and don't see it on our site, please submit a General Inquiry and we will deliver.

New, Used, & Refurbished Options

SanStorageDirect believes there is no perfect solution in the form of a cookie cutter, therefore we offer a multitude of options to fit our client's needs. For instance, SSD offers New, Used, and Refurbished SAN/Storage options to deliver a multitude of routes for your business to consider.

Rentals & Leasing

Under our philosophy of offering an array of options to our clients, SanStorageDirect also provides Rental and Leasing options. Perhaps a SAN is needed short term for a data migration, or even as a short term test/dev environment; our rental option gives you the ability to eliminate wasteful overhead. Additionally, our leasing plans span from short term to long term, and even indefinitely. Consult an SSD agent today to discuss your Leasing or Rental options.

Support & Maintenance

Don't worry, SanStorageDirect has you covered! SSD has the ability to get direct OEM Support and Maintenance for your systems, as well as to explore third party options for a more customizable and scalable solution. With a nationwide presence, SSD can cover your every need.