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NetApp FAS3020 Series Enterprise Storage Platforms


Part Number: FAS3040



NetApp FAS3040 scales up to 84TB and meets diverse needs through increased application availability, reduced TCO, and scalability.

New, Refurbished, and Used Options Available  

FAS3020 Technical Specifications:


Max System Capacity:



Max Drives: 84


Controller Architecture:



Cache Memory:



Max Fibre Channel Ports:



Max Ethernet Ports:



SAN Protocol Support:


Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP), iSCSI, NFS, CIFS

FAS3020 Enterprise

Storage Systems

Improve the availability and performance of your enterprise applications and consolidations with the NetApp FAS3020 Series.


FAS3020 meets simultaneous diverse needs (SAN and NAS, primary and secondary storage0 and provides high levels of application availability.


FAS3020 delivers outstanding value through lower TCO, excellent performance, and best in class scalability

  • Excellent performance and proven lower TCO for SAN based business aplications
  • Application level recovery in minutes, not hours
  • Nondisruptive capacity expansion and easy upgrades
  • Primary and secondary storage with simultaneous block and file serving over Fibre Channel and Ethernet networks

Upgrade Options


Options Available

Warranty & Support

SANStorageDirect offers Dish Shelf Expansions and Hard Drives for the FAS3020 Series systems for capacity expansion and performance optimization.


In addition to DAE/Disk upgrades, SSD provides SAN Fabric for the FAS3020 systems.


SANStorageDirect provides the NetApp FAS3020 Storage Systems in New, Used, and Refurbished condition.


See the New & Refurbished tab for more information.





NetApp hard drives from SANStorageDirect are available with a 1 year next business day replacement warranty.


Extended Support is available as well.


See the Warranty & Support tab for more information.


NetApp FAS3000 Series Product Comparison

  FAS3070 FAS3040 FAS3140








Max Raw Capacity:


1,680TB 1,344TB 840TB


Max Drives:



672 420

Max Drives per Back End (Disk) FC Loop:

84 84 84


Memory (ECC - Active/Active Configuration)):





Memory (ECC - Single Controller):






Non Volatile Memory (Active/Active Config):


Non Volatile Memory (Single Controller):

2GB 2GB 512MB
SAN Protocol Support: Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP) (8/4/2/1Gb); fabric attached and direct attached; IP SAN (iSCSI), Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)

Disk Drive Capacities Supported:


FC: 300GB, 450GB, 600GB

SATA: 250GB, 500GB, 750GB, 1TB, 2TB

SAS: 300GB, 450GB, 600GB


High Availability Features:


Redundant hot swappable controllers, cooling fans, popwer supplies, optics, and RJ-45 ports

Supported Configurations:

Highly Available Controller Configurations:

Active-active controller with controller failover, active-active controller with stretch (non switch) MetroCluster, active-active controller with fabric-attached MetroCluster


Highly Available Back-End (Disk) Configurations:

Dual path, multipath HA storage

Operating System: NetApp Data ONTAP

NetApp Storage Upgrades: Expansions

NetApp FAS Expansions

DS4243 DS4246 DS4486 DS2246
NetApp DS4243 NetApp DS4246 NetApp DS4486 NetApp DS2246
DS14MK4 DS14MK2 DS14MK2-AT  
NetApp DS14MK4 NetApp DS14MK2 NetApp DS14MK2-AT  

NetApp Expansion Compatibility

  DS2246 DS4486 DS4246 DS4243 DS14MK4 DS14MK2 DS14MK2-AT
FAS6200 checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
FAS6000 checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
FAS3200 checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
FAS3100 checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
FAS3000 checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
FAS2200 checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
FAS2000 checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark

NetApp Storage Upgrades: Fibre Channel Drives

NetApp Fibre Channel Hard Drives

X241A X241A-R5 X270A X271A X272A

NetApp X241A

36GB 10K

NetApp X241A-R5

36GB 10K

NetApp X270A

36GB 10K

NetApp X271A

36GB 15K

NetApp X272A

2Gb/sec 72GB 10K

X272B X272B-R5 X273A X273B X273B-R5

NetApp X272B

2Gb/sec 72GB 10K

NetApp X272B-R5

2Gb/sec 72GB 10K

NetApp X273A

2Gb/sec 72GB 15K

NetApp X273B

2Gb/sec 72GB 15K

NetApp X273B-R5

2Gb/sec 72GB 15K

X274A X274B X274B-R5 X275A X275A-R5

NetApp X274A

2Gb/sec 144GB 10K

NetApp X274B

2Gb/sec 144GB 10K

NetApp X274B-R5

2Gb/sec 144GB 10K

NetApp X275A

2Gb/sec 144GB 15K

NetApp X275A-R5

2Gb/sec 144GB 15K

X276A X276A-R5 X278A-R5 X279A-R5 X291A-R5

NetApp X276A

2Gb/sec 300GB 10K

NetApp X276A-R5

2Gb/sec 300 GB 10K

NetApp X278A-R5

4Gb/sec 144GB 15K

NetApp X279A-R5

4Gb/sec 300GB 15K

NetApp X291A-R5

4Gb/sec 450GB 15K


NetApp X292A-R5

4Gb/sec 600GB 15K


NetApp Storage Upgrades: SATA Drives

NetApp SATA Hard Drives

X266A X266B X266B-R5 X267A-R5 X268A-R5

NetApp X266A

320GB 5.4K ATA

NetApp X266B

320GB 7.2K ATA

NetApp X266B-R5

320GB 7.2K ATA

NetApp X267A-R5

500GB 7.2K ATA

NetApp X268A-R5

750GB 7.2K ATA

X269A-R5 X302A-R5 X306A-R5 X308A-R5 X309A-R6

NetApp X269A-R5

750GB 7.2K ATA

NetApp X302A-R5

1TB 7.2K ATA

NetApp X306A-R5

2TB 7.2K ATA

NetApp X308A-R5

3TB 7.2K ATA

NetApp X309A-R6

3TB 7.2K ATA

X310A-R5 X315A-R5 X477A-R6 X478A-R5 X480A-R6

NetApp X310A-R5

3TB 7.2K ATA

NetApp X315A-R5

4TB 7.2K ATA

NetApp X477A-R6

4TB 7.2K ATA

NetApp X478A-R5

6TB 7.2K ATA

NetApp X480A-R6

8TB 7.2K ATA

NetApp Storage Upgrades: SAS Drives

NetApp SAS Hard Drives

X287A-R5 X289A-R5 X290A-R5 X410A-R5 X411A-R5

NetApp X287A-R5

3Gb/sec 300GB 15K

NetApp X289A-R5

3Gb/sec 450GB 15K

NetApp X290A-R5

3Gb/sec 600GB 15K

NetApp X410A-R5

4Gb/sec 300GB 15K

NetApp X411A-R5

3Gb/sec 450GB 15K

X412A-R5 X414A-R5 X415A-R5 X416A-R5 X421A-R5

NetApp X412A-R5

3Gb/sec 600GB 15K

NetApp X414A-R5

3Gb/sec 600GB 15K

NetApp X415A-R5

600GB 15K

NetApp X416A-R5

600GB 10K

NetApp X421A-R5

450GB 10K

X422A-R5 X423A-R5 X425A-R5 X486A-R5 X487A-R5

NetApp X422A-R5

600GB 10K 2.5"

NetApp X423A-R5

900GB 10K 2.5"

NetApp X425A-R5

1.2TB 10K 2.5"

NetApp X486A-R5

450GB 10K 2.5"

NetApp X487A-R5

450GB 10K 2.5"

X488A-R5 X494A-R5      

NetApp X488A-R5

450GB 10K 2.5"

NetApp X494A-R5

450GB 10K 2.5"


NetApp Storage Upgrades: Solid State Drives (SSD/EFD)

NetApp Solid State Drives

X441A-R5 X442A-R5 X446B-R6 X447A-R6 X448A-R6

NetApp X441A-R5

3Gb/sec 100GB SSD

NetApp X442A-R5

3Gb/sec 100GB SSD

NetApp X446B-R6

6Gb/sec 200GB SSD

NetApp X447A-R6

6Gb/sec 800GB SSD

NetApp X448A-R6

6Gb/sec 200GB SSD


NetApp X449A-R6

6Gb/sec 800GB SSD


NetApp Hard Drive New & Refurbished Options

Your Options for NetApp Hard Drives

SANStorageDirect offers NetApp Hard Drives in 3 distinct categories: New from NetApp, New in Box from the secondary distribution channel, and used/refurbished removed from our customer data centers. Read and learn more about each option below and reach out to SANStorageDirect to discuss which option is the best fit for you.

New NetApp Hard Drives

SANStorageDirect provides new NetApp Hard Drives directly from NetApp. This is the most direct manner to purchase new NetApp Hard Drives but comes with a few downsides.


+/- of New NetApp Hard Drives:

  • Highest Price (-)
  • Slowest Delivery Time (-)
  • Easy to add to current Support Contracts (+)

New In Box NetApp Hard Drives Sourced from the Secondary Distribution Channel

SANStorageDirect offers the option to purchase new in box NetApp Hard Drives via the secondary distribution channel. The secondary distribution channel is a sourcing alternative to direct manufacturer or distributors and typically includes overstocked or overproduced items from manufacturing or distribution centers in Asia. This route typically provides savings of 50-75% off list.


+/- of NIB NetApp Hard Drives from Secondary Distribution Channel:

  • Lowest Pricing for New Drives (+)
  • Delivery time is typically faster, but can be delayed if sourced from Asia (+/-)
  • Genuine original equipment manufacturer hard drives (+)
  • Support is available from manufacturer or 3rd party (+)

Refurbished and Used NetApp Hard Drives

Refurbished and Used drives are removed from our customer's storage infrastructures and are tested and guaranteed to be in great working condition. This method of procurement is a great way to reduce costs and increase storage power all while getting the same level of equipment available from the manufacturers but at 50-90% off list prices.



Benefits of Refurbished/Used NetApp Hard Drives:

  • Lowest Pricing for hard drives (+)
  • Quickest Delivery Time. Overnight shipping available (+)
  • Support is available from manufacturer or 3rd party (+)

NetApp Hard Drive Warranty & Support

Warranty & Support

1 Year Next Business Day Parts Replacement

SANStorageDirect provides a 1 year NBD parts replacement warranty on refurbished/used NetApp hard drives.


New NetApp hard drives warranty is dependent upon the manufacturer and distribution channel. Inquire for more information regarding these drives and their warranty.


Extended Support

SANStorageDirect offers extended support and warranties through our third party support system. With this support system you have the ability to customize your support plan to maximize efficiency and uptime as well as to minimize cost. Our 3rd party support programs deliver a greater SLA and response as well as significant price savings.


24x7 and 8x5 support is available. Inquire with SANStorageDirect for more information.


SSD Warranty Perks:

  • NBD Replacement
  • Support system in place to avoid downtime and delays

Extended Support Perks:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Improved SLA
  • Increased Uptime
  • Customizable support options and contracts