EMC VNXe3100 Storage Systems

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EMC VNXe3100 Storage System

An affordable unified storage platform for smaller businesses. The EMC VNXe Series gives you automated, application-ready storage with solution-focused software that’s easy to manage, provision, and protect.

EMC VNXe Overview


Provision 100s of Exchange mailboxes in just a few clicks. With integrated support, you’ll diagnose issues automatically and resolve them quickly and efficiently.


Optimized for virtual applications with VMware and Hyper-V integration. Wizards make deployment easy – you’ll provision a 1TB VMware datastore in less than 10 minutes.



A single platform for file and block data services. Centralized management makes administration simple. Data efficiency services reduce your capacity requirements up to 50%.


Ideal for smaller businesses and remote/branch offices with 2U and 3U sizes. With real-world configurations starting under $10K, your acquisition costs are low.

EMC VNXe3100: Product Info

The VNXe is an ideal platform for businesses with physical server infrastructures, as well as those making the move to server virtualization to drive consolidation and greater efficiency. The VNXe3100 is the entry-level VNXe storage system that provides high value for smaller user configurations and lighter performance needs. It is designed to support smaller businesses and applications with up to 300 users (dual SP configuration) or up to 150 users (single SP configuration). The VNXe3300 includes all the ease-of-use and application-driven management features of the VNXe3100, along with increased performance, scalability, and I/O expandability for use with larger configurations with higher performance demands. It is designed to support larger businesses and applications with up to 1,000 users. Both systems share a comprehensive set of features including increased capacity utilization, data protection, availability solutions, and advanced support capabilities.


Some of the major benefits of VNXe series storage systems include:


  • Storage Consolidation: VNXe systems align storage management with applications by embedding best practices into the user interface and providing a faster, simpler user experience in completing everyday administrative tasks.


  • Simple and Efficient, Unified Storage: VNXe systems deliver unified IP storage for NAS and iSCSI environments. Application-centric management and provisioning wizards result in immediate familiarity for users, while integration of snapshot and replication with storage management workflows results in streamlined operations and uniform data protection coverage.


  • Compact Storage Platform: VNXe systems provide a highly available design, where dual controller designs fit in only 2U or 3U of rack space.


  • The EMC ® VNXe™ series redefines networked storage for the small business to small enterprise user, delivering an unequaled combination of features, simplicity, and efficiency. These unified storage systems provide true storage consolidation capability with seamless management and a unique application-driven approach that eliminates the boundaries between applications and their storage.

EMC VNXe3100 Delivers:


Accessibility Consolidated access to store data from multiple hosts, users, and applications by means of IP network connectivity and industry standard protocols including CIFS, NFS, and iSCSI.
Ease of Management Easy-to-use web-based user interface for controlling system operations, which includes tools for managing, monitoring, and configuring storage and system settings.
High Performance, High Density Storage Versatile storage capabilities using high-capacity SAS, high-performance EFD (Enterprise Flash Drive), or balanced performance/capacity NL-SAS disks. You can using the capabilities of these disk technologies to accommodate your network, application, and organization  requirements.
Management Wizards Management Wizard tool for storage pools, storage disks, and spare disk configuration tools.
Expandable Capacity and Flexible Upgrades High capacity flexible storage - featuring SAS, NL-SAS, and EFD disks -for storing and protecting files, folders, and application data - expandable to accommodate a variety of application, host, or organization requirements.
Tools for Managing and Scheduling Snapshot Data Protection Built-in tools for protecting valuable data by using snapshot schedules to create point-in-time copies of the data. Choose from standard snapshot schedules, create custom schedules, or take manual snapshots to create storage "checkpoints" from which you can restore or recover valuable data.
High Availability Redundant disks and processors ensure that the failure of a single component of the system will not cause a prolonged disruption to the environment. Failed components can be easily replaced and brought online without affecting users or applications.
Replication Replication support for VNXe-to-VNXe or VNXe-Celerra network replication session for providing powerful redundancy and disaster-recovery capabilities.
Deduplication Integrated deduplication support for file-based storage optimizes storage efficiency by eliminating redundant data from the stored files, and reducing the time and processing required to transfer data over a network.
Enhanced VMware Integration with ESX Hosts and VCenter Servers Wizards for discovering VMware Vcenters and ESX host on the network, enabling VMware host to seamlessly access system storage.
File Level Retention File-level retention support provides a way to set file-based permissions to limit write access to the files for a specific period of time. File level retention can ensure the integrity of data during that period by creating an unalterable set of files and directories.

Resources, Reports, & White Papers


EMC VNXe Data Sheet

Essential data, features & benefits, and usage relevant to EMC VNX Storage Systems.

EMC VNXe Specifications

Full technical specifications guide for the EMC VNXe Series Unified Storage Systems.

VNXe Storage: Detailed Review

A whitepaper that introduces the architecture and functionality of EMC VNXe Storage Systems, as well as software functionalities.

VNXe Software Packs

Software Packs and information available for the EMC VNXe Series platforms.

Deploy MS Apps with VMware vSphere

The top 10 reasons customers deploy Microsoft applications with VMware vSphere Essentials on EMC VNXe

Deploy MS Apps with Hyper-V

The top 10 reasons customers deploy Microsoft applications with Hyper-V on EMC VNXe.

EMC VNXe Family Comparison

Maximum number of drives Drive types File: Number of X-Blades File: Protocols Block: Number of Storage Processors Block: Protocols Management and Base Software
EMC VNXe3100
96 SAS, NL-SAS Integrated

NFS or


1 or 2 iSCSI
  • Unisphere
  • Protocols
  • File Dedupe / Compression
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Snapshots
EMC VNXe3150
100 SAS, NL-SAS, Flash Integrated

NFS or


1 or 2 iSCSI
  • Unisphere
  • Protocols
  • File Dedupe / Compression
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Snapshots
EMC VNXe3300
120 SAS, NL-SAS, Flash (planned) Integrated

NFS or


  • Unisphere
  • Protocols
  • File Dedupe / Compression
  • Thin Provisioning

EMC VNXe3100: Physical Specifications

Block Components VNXe3300
Min/Max Drives 6 to 96
Drive Enclosure Options (DAE)

12x3.5” SAS/NLSAS drives – 2 U

Raid Options 10/5/6
CPU/Memory per Array 1 x Xeon Dual Core/5 GB
Max Flex IO Modules per Controller 1
Management Ports 2 x 10/100/1000 Copper GbE
Base 1 GB/s IP Ports per Controller 2
Copper 10/100/1000 Base T 1 GB/s Module NAS/iSCSI, 4 ports per module
Optical 10 GB/ Ethernet N/A
Supported Disk Expansion Enclosures (DAEs)
Drive Types Supported 3.5" SAS, NL-SAS
Drive Quantity 12
Controller Interface 6 GB/s SAS
System Limits & Support
Supported LUNs Up to 128/256 (single/dual)
Max LUN size 2 TB
Total Raw Capacity 192 TB
Max File Systems 5127/256 (single/dual)
Maximum File System size 16 TB

EMC VNe3100 Software Suites

Convenient software packages to optimize, secure, and protect application data:

Local Protection Suite

Delivers any-point-in-time recovery of production applications with minimal data exposure. Use copies of production data for development, testing, reporting, and other tasks.

Remote Protection Suite

Provides block and file replication for disaster recovery protection of any host and any application, with immediate DVR-like recovery to any point in time.

Application Protection Suite

Automate application consistent copies of Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, and Oracle for assured recovery. Alert for recovery gaps and prove protection policy compliance.

Security and Compliance Suite

Protects data from unwanted changes and other actions. Data is encrypted where created and protected anywhere outside the server. File-level retention supports compliance.

EMC VNXe3100 Additional Resources


Analyst Reports

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IDC: Storage Usability a Critical Requirement for IT in Small and Medium-sized Businesses and Remote Offices
ESG: EMC's VNX Family - A Unifying Force in Storage

White Papers

Cisco Unified Computing System and EMC VNXe3300 Unified Storage System: An Ideal Solution for SMB Server Consolidation


Unisphere for EMC VNXe Demonstration

Customer Profiles

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