EMC Symmetrix Storage Platforms

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EMC Symmetrix VMAX Storage Systems

Symmetrix VMAX series—a storage architecture purpose-built for the virtual IT environment

EMC Symmetrix VMAX Overview

   VMAX 10K

  Most affordable multicontroller array purpose-built for performance and efficiency to consolidate applications in virtual environments.

   VMAX 20K

  Purpose-built for performance, consolidation, and automation in demanding virtual data center environments.


   VMAX 20K

  Purpose-built for hybrid cloud environments, providing the industry’s highest levels of consolidation, performance, and scalability.


  Optimize storage management to meet service provider needs, leveraging automated provisioning, multitenancy, reporting, and chargeback.

EMC Symmetrix DMX Models:

EMC Symmetrix DMX4 Series:


DMX-4 950





EMC Symmetrix Legacy/End of Life Models:


DMX-3 950






EMC Symmetrix VMAX Series:

A Storage Architecture Purpose Built for the Virtual IT Environment

Driven by unrelenting data growth, storage platforms must efficiently scale to much larger capacities and higher performance, while leveraging the best of emerging technologies and reducing cost. The EMC Symmetrix VMAX system features a revolutionary Virtual Matrix Architecture ™ that builds upon the rich heritage of the Symmetrix multi-controller platform and extends the value of the Direct Matrix Architecture ® to deliver unprecedented performance, availability, and functionality at a reduced cost. The unique scale-out architecture of the Symmetrix VMAX system provides the foundation to scale to hundreds of petabytes of capacity, supporting thousands of servers, and millions of IOPS delivered to that capacity, all flexibly deployed throughout a virtual IT environment and able to be controlled through a single pane of glass.


The Symmetrix VMAX system architecture provides a Virtual Matrix ™ that can scale beyond the con- fines of a single system footprint. The core element of the Virtual Matrix is a Symmetrix VMAX Engine. VMAX Engines, which include cache, front-end connectivity, and back-end connectivity are the foun- dation of the Symmetrix VMAX system. The Virtual Matrix scales by aggregating up to eight VMAX Engines as a single system with fully shared connectivity, processing, and capacity resources.

Unmatched Availability and Information Centric Security, Built In

A revolutionary architecture and blazing performance are meaningless without uninterrupted information availability. Symmetrix VMAX systems come standard with non-disruptive everything. EMC’s philosophy has always been to anticipate whatever might disrupt information access and prevent it. Symmetrix VMAX systems take this philosophy to an even higher level.


The Enginuity operating environment offers unmatched availability and reliability with non-disruptive operations and upgrades—with no storage or application downtime. Add to this non-disruptive upgrades of EMC software applications, non-disruptive storage configuration changes, and non- disruptive serviceability—all designed to ensure your access to vital information is never in doubt— and your service levels are never compromised. Enginuity also features continuous monitoring and testing to ensure data integrity, as well as intelligent cache optimization and autonomous tuning of disk-read patterns to optimize application performance.

EMC Symmetrix DMX Series:

IT organizations today must deliver higher service levels for performance, availability, and functionality, with fewer people and smaller budgets, at a time when numerous factors are driving IT workloads to unprecedented levels.


The EMC DMX Series is the next step in the evolutionary development for the EMC Symmetrix series has been launched! EMC Symmetrix Direct Matrix (DMX) is the latest contribution from the World’s renowned computer Storage giants. DMX delivers a medium to large-scale company’s needs for highest performance, competitive pricing and most functionally capable network storage systems. With its efficient capabilities and “easy-on-the-eye” design, the DMX series is a certain winner.


Symmetrix DMX offers its powerful multiprocessor with 2 GB FICON, iSCSI, Fibre Channel or Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. The range delivers the needed power, non-stop availability and functionally and is the answer to the prayers for the dedicated remote/distributed, or OEM applications.

EMC Symmetrix VMAX Family Comparison

Maximum number of drives Usable Capacity Connectivity Front-End Ports Local Replication Remote Replication
1,080 1.5 PB FC, 1GbE, 10GbE, 10 Gb/s FCoE, iSCSI


TimeFinder, RecoverPoint SRDF, RecoverPoint
2,400 2 PB FC, FICON, 1GbE, 10GbE, 10 Gb/s FCoE, iSCSI


TimeFinder, RecoverPoint SRDF, RecoverPoint
3,200 4 PB (3.5" drives) and 2.8 PB (2.5" drives) FC, FICON, 1GbE, 10GbE, 10 Gb/s FCoE, iSCSI


TimeFinder, RecoverPoint SRDF, RecoverPoint