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EMC Centera® enables a single, tamper-proof archive that addresses capacity, scale, distance, and management challenges. Centera delivers online access and authenticated information wherever needed. Virtually any application can cost-effectively interact with a Centera archive.

Get seamless, affordable access to your archived information including e-mail, electronic documents and images, and call center records. Your enterprise can regain control of an ever-growing information environment, accelerate backups, and facilitate day-to-day business, compliance, and regulatory needs. Simplify archiving and lower storage costs with a Centera content-addressed solution.

EMC Centera delivers:

Self-configuring, self-healing, and self-managing Lowest total cost of ownership by using less management time and resources than tape, optical, or traditional disk solutions require.
Single-instance storageRequire less storage than alternate solutions—each unique piece of content is only stored once.
Content authenticationEnsure information remains unchangeable and accessible.
Online accessQuickly access information no matter how large the archive grows.
Record-level managementSatisfy organizational and application policies for information retention and disposition.
Capacity to multiple petabytesSeamlessly add capacity and federate multiple clusters without disruption.
Object-based storageProvide future-proof investment, eliminating technology obsolescence.

Resources, Reports, & White Papers

Data Sheet  Essential data, features & benefits, and usage relevant to EMC Centera Content-Addressed Storage System.
Specification SheetIn depth specifications: Look at EMC Centera's specs under a microscope.
Taneja Group: Archiving Beyond File Systems - Object Storage EMC Centera and Disk ArchivalResearch report conducted and developed by the Taneja Group. January 2009.
EMC Centera Optimizing Archive EfficiencyInformative whitepaper from ESG giving a technical analysis as well as research based on usage.
Leveraging SNIA XAM for Digital ArchivesAnother whitepaper from ESG outlining methods in which Centera is used to leverage SNIA XAM for digital archives.
Solutions for Email Information Archiving and ManagementResource to help ensure that your critical email records are always complete, accurate, reliable, and accessible.

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Build an efficient information infrastructure that lets you store, protect, optimize, and leverage your information—from a single e-mail to your production databases. Manage more data, more efficiently. You'll keep your information available and secure—and be ready for growth. [excerpt from]

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