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EMC Storage Systems

Build an efficient information infrastructure that lets you store, protect, optimize, and leverage your information—from a single e-mail to your production databases. Manage more data, more efficiently. You'll keep your information available and secure—and be ready for growth. [excerpt from]
EMC Storage delivers the top tier storage with efficiencies of scale. A robust and diverse product line and capabilities produce one of the world's most powerful SAN Storage solutions available.

EMC Storage Family

The EMC Storage Family ranges from current to end of life product lines that are currently in use in thousands of data centers across the world. Regardless of your storage needs and requirements, EMC has a solution that fits. From production SAN to dual site replication, secondary systems dedicated to DR or Archival, and even Test-Dev systems EMC has the right product to deliver your project the right way, the best way.

EMC Storage Upgrades

Adding EMC Disk Array Enclosures (DAE's) and Hard Disk Drives (HDD's) to your current systems is a great way to increase performance, capacity, and overall capabilities within your data center. The philosophy of increased spindles equals more performance holds true, are you taking advantage of this simple process?

End of Life Used EMC Storage Systems

SANStorageDirect specializes in the strategic sourcing of refurbished and used EMC Storage Systems from data centers across the globe. Our Asset Recovery program gives us an availability of great used EMC Storage systems, DAE's, and HDD's. SSD delivers these used EMC systems and upgrades to our clients for thousands less than new solutions, typically at 70-90% off of manufactures list price. Through unique and creative used and refurbished solutions SSD delivers more for less, giving our clients the poewr to get more out of their storage environments.

EMC Celerra Storage Systems

The EMC Celerra unified storage platforms combine an IP storage enclosure with integrated storage providing NAS, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel in a single packaged solution. The Celerra platforms have received praise for being a low cost system while maintaining configurability options.

The EMC Celerra is often promoted as a platform for virtualization, including features such as de-duplication, replication, NDMP, and storage tiering.

In early 2012, the EMC Celerra was discontinued by EMC. SANStorageDirect offers used and refurbished EMC Celerra options, please inquire to discuss the options available to you.

EMC Centera Storage Systems

The EMC Centera Storage System, by design, focuses primarily on storing and providing fast, easy access to fixed content. The Centera is the first solution to combine the factors of online availability with long-term retention and uncompromised integrity.

EMC Centera enables a single, tamper-proof archive that addresses the challenges of capacity, scale, distance, and management. Centera delivers online access and authenticated information wherever needed. Virtually any application can cost-effectively interact with a Centera archive.

Get seamless, affordable access to your archived information including e-mail, electronic documents and images, and call center records. Your enterprise can regain control of an ever-growing information environment, accelerate backups, and facilitate day-to-day business, compliance, and regulatory needs. Simplify archiving and lower storage costs with a Centera content-addressed solution.

SANStorageDirect provides new, used, and refurbished EMC Centera options. Inquire with a SSD consultant today to discuss the solutions available to you.

EMC CLARiiON Storage Systems

The EMC CLARiiON Storage System occupies the entry-level and mid-range SAN disk array products from EMC. The CLARiiON family consists of the CX4, CX3, CX and AX series, all of which provide a distinct purpose.

SANStorageDirect provides new, used, and refurbished EMC CLARiiON options. Inquire with a SSD consultant today to discuss the solutions available to you.

EMC CLARiiON CX4: This series delivers industry leading innovation in midrange storage. The unique combination of flexible, scalable hardware design and Advanced Storage Efficiency products enables the CX4 series systems to meet the growing, diverse needs of today's midsize and large enterprises. CLARiiON CX4 automatically balances performance and capacity, optimizing your storage investment and addressing your data's dynamic needs.

EMC CLARiiON CX3: The CX3 UltraScale series (CX3-10, CX3-20, CX3-40, CX3-80) include functionality that are an ideal fit ranging from departmental applications to support for data center class business critical systems. The CX3 storage systems range from entry level solutions to high performance, maximum capacity configurations. The storage capabilities of CX3 storage systems include safeguards to ensure continuous data availability and integrity, advanced array based information replication functionality, virtual LUN technology, and data mobility within and between systems.

EMC CLARiiON CX:The CM500 Storage Systems are entry level to mid-range storage systems designed to be simple, scalable, and affordable. The CX systems include the storage capabilities similar to the CX3 systems, but in more of an entry level package.

EMC CLARiiON AX4: The EMC CLARiiON AX4 is a versatile and cost effective solution for organizations looking for an alternative to server based storage. The AX4 delivers affordability, performance, scalability, and advanced data management features in one, easy to use storage solution.

EMC Symmetrix Storage Systems

EMC Symmetrix Storage Systems, The DMX and VMAX, bring revolutionary technologies to the table to address the high demands of mission critical enterprise data and the growth and need for scalability that is associated with this data. These storage systems are among the top tier offerings of EMC and are cutting edge in many of the technologies used.

Inquire with a SSD consultant today to discuss the EMC Symmetrix solutions available to you.

EMC Symmetrix DMX: The EMC Symmetrix Direct Matrix (DMX) series is hailed by EMC as "the world's most trusted storage platform".

Enterprise critical applications, those which drive the core of any organization, require the highest availability infrastructure to support the most stringent service levels. EMC meets this need with the highest performing, highest capacity, most functionally capable and yet competitively priced high end networked storage systems ever offered. Delivering these capabilities sets Symmetrix DMX systems apart from any other storage system available in the marketplace.

EMC Symmetrix VMAX: The EMC Symmetrix VMAX system introduces a revolutionary scale-out acrhitecture created to match the future storage growth demands of virtual IT environments, while reducing costs for users. This revolutionary Virtual Matrix Architecture provides the foudnation to scale to hundreds of petabytes of capacity, supporting thousands of servers, and millions of IOPS delivered to that capacity, all flexibly deployed throughout a data center and able to be controlled through a single screen.

EMC VNX Storage Systems

The EMC VNX Storage Systems deliver uncompromising scalability and flexibility for the mid tier while providing market leading simplicity and efficiency to minimize total cost of ownership.

Based on the powerful family of Intel Xeonn-5600 processors, the EMC VNX implements a modular architecture that integrates hardware components for block, file, and object with concurrent support for native NAS, iSCSI, Fibre Channel, and FCoE protocols. The series delivers file (NAS) functionality via two-to-eight X-blade data movers and block (iSCSCSI, FCoE, and FC) storage via dual storage processors leveraging full 6 Gb SAS disk drive topology. The unified coonfiguration includes the following rack-mounted enclosures:

  • Disk processor enclosure (holds disk drives) or storage processor enclosure (requires disk drive tray) plus standby power system to deliver block protocols
  • One or more data mover enclosures to deliver file protocols (required for file and unified configurations)
  • Control station (required for file and unified configurations)

The EMC VNX Storage Series consists of the following models:

  • VNX7500
  • VNX5700
  • VNX5500
  • VNX5300
  • VNX5100
  • VNXe3300
  • VNXe3100

Inquire with a SSD consultant today to discuss the EMC VNX solutions available to you.

Storage Products and Philosophy

SanStorageDirect offers practically all major manufacturers of Storage/SAN HW, from full systems to capacity upgrades and minor components. Our commitment to excellence, service, and the belief that business flourishes in trust and strong partnerships will generate a long lasting relationship. Partner with SSD for your SAN Storage needs and add another weapon to your business's arsenal. If you are in search of something and don't see it on our site, please submit a General Inquiry and we will deliver.

New, Used, & Refurbished Options

SanStorageDirect believes there is no perfect solution in the form of a cookie cutter, therefore we offer a multitude of options to fit our client's needs. For instance, SSD offers New, Used, and Refurbished SAN/Storage options to deliver a multitude of routes for your business to consider.

Rentals & Leasing

Under our philosophy of offering an array of options to our clients, SanStorageDirect also provides Rental and Leasing options. Perhaps a SAN is needed short term for a data migration, or even as a short term test/dev environment; our rental option gives you the ability to eliminate wasteful overhead. Additionally, our leasing plans span from short term to long term, and even indefinitely. Consult an SSD agent today to discuss your Leasing or Rental options.

Support & Maintenance

Don't worry, SanStorageDirect has you covered! SSD has the ability to get direct OEM Support and Maintenance for your systems, as well as to explore third party options for a more customizable and scalable solution. With a nationwide presence, SSD can cover your every need.