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About SanStorageDirect

SanStorageDirect is a niche player in the San Storage field with 20 years of industry experience. Our direct partnerships, strategic sourcing insight, and San Storage expertise lend to our professional level of service and customer satisfaction.

Our diverse array of capabilities, offerings, and experience all extend to our customers, delivering top-notch solutions again and again. Our customer centric approach gives our clients the confidence that they are in good hands with SanStorageDirect, and will always receive the perfect custom tailored solution to fit their needs.

What To Expect With SanStorageDirect

SanStorageDirect is your wholly encompassing resource for San Storage. SSD delivers solutions in terms of hardware, software, tangible and intangible solutions, services, and managed services. We aim to gain and keep your business through continued excellence, providing the right solution for you each and every step of the way. Our belief that IT vendors and VAR's are only adequate when they partner with the client resonates through each and every level of SSD's service. Partner with SSD today and understand why our clients continue to choose us again and again.

Why You Should Choose SanStorageDirect

  • Get the right solution for you, every time!
  • Take advantage of SanStorageDirect's strategic sourcing channels and resources to create thousands in savings, allowing you to do more in SAN Storage within your business.
  • Scalability: Growth is inevitable, which is why we at SanStorageDirect make it easy to accomodate and plan for growth. Whether you need a quick capacity upgrade to your system, a short term solution to a long-term project, or an affordable solution with future scalability in mind SSD has the answer for you!
  • Professional shipping to your location gets your solution delivered quickly and safe.
  • Affordable HW and SW maintenance and support solutions to keep your equipment uptime to 100%.
  • Our technicians are in your area to install and support your system quickly and the right way, the first time.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you have a problem with your order, SanStorageDirect will rectify the situation immediately. Failed drive? No problem, we'll have one overnighted to you within 1 business day.
  • SanStorageDirect's proactive state of mind keeps you up and running at all times. A reactive state is a dangerous state, and one that does not exist with SanStorageDirect.
  • Save thousands and get HW up to 90% off through utilizing our secondary sourcing channel of used and leased hardware.

  • Work With SanStorageDirect Today!

Hardware Rentals & Leases Need gear for a short term project, to test out in your environment, or for any other reason? SSD's gear rental option is the best solution to obtaining the equipment you need for the duration you require.
Asset Recovery Every IT infrastructure has equipment no longer being used or on the chopping block to be removed. Contact SSD to discuss buy back options to provide funds towards your next project or as a direct buy out.
Maintenance & Support Support and Maintenance of SAN Storage hardware can be a burden. SSD support contracts alleviate 95% of the headaches of a traditional support contract, provide phenomenal service, and save you up to 70% of your OEM support cost.
Data Migration Migrating data across systems, transporting a system, or removing a system from your data center is made easier with the support of an SSD system and engineering team.
Virtualization Virtualization of your physical infrastructure is a data intensive project. Utilize SSD's storage team to advise of the best options as well as to suggest the proper storage backbone.
Data Center Relocation Moving a data center isn't a simple matter. SSD can provide short term equipment, discounted equipment, and consulting to reduce problematic events.
Performance Enhancement Looking for more performance in systems you can't seem to optimize? SSD can help you find that extra bit of speed.
Consolidation Consult SSD to discuss conslidation options within your environment.
Disaster Recovery Disaster Recovery is a hot topic that every organization has or will have to address at some point. SSD is here to advise of the top trends in the industry as well as the best suited Storage back end to point your DR backups to.